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Censorship, STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!

Posted by RichardBatchelor - October 18th, 2012

I'm normally known as a pretty positive person and it takes a lot to get me down, but when I rant, I'm unstoppable, so this blog I won't be my normal optimistic self where I try to see the good in any given situation, sorry folks, I've been meaning to pen this down for a while now and when something bothers you as much as censorship does me, a simple facebook status is not enough.

Ok so about 3 months ago, a high school shooting occurred, it wasn't as big news as the tragic events at The Dark Knight screening in Colorado as only a single person was injured and thankfully is now all ok. The attackers home was searched and a CD was found, of metal group Rammstein, so the initial reaction of course is to blame metal music and the bonkers lead singer who is known for sitting in a bath of fire at live shows.

This of course isn't the first time this has happened to a band, its happened to Slipknot before and most famously to Marilyn Manson over the events of the Columbine School shooting. So once again the media had a field day and blamed the social media, just like video games, kids tv shows, wrestling, movies, etc, etc.

Really?? Are we really going to do this dance again?? Urgh.............

Ok, every argument has two sides, I'm willing to hear both. So lets hear censorships side, if Rammstein, The Dark Knight Rises and Marilyn Manson never existed, would the aforementioned events linked to those people have happened? Begrudgingly I have to say yes, its possible.

But hey when I go downstairs in a minute to go get some biscuits and a drink, its possible I'll fall downstairs and break my neck, its possible a burglar will break down my door and try to kill me, anything is possible. But when you say that, is it actually gonna happen? No, I have my biscuits and drink and all of me is still here and still intact, Its possible BUT, not likely.

We can talk possibilities until the cows come home, there is no possible way to predict the next time or the next piece of artistic expression that will link to the next tragic event we never want to happen, lets look at a few more while we're here.

Anders Behring Brevik claimed he likened Call Of Duty Modern Warfare as a 'training simulator'. You could have inserted a thousand different online shooters or any game with a gun here before this and that would be the case.

Shows like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and the game Mortal Kombat got stick for making kids want to fight. I hate to break this to you parents, KIDS LIKE TO FIGHT! its not something a teenager in a brightly coloured jumpsuit, mutated pizza chugging reptiles or two lowly rendered undistinguishable figherts in disco suits can take the blame for!!

Oh and a word on wrestling, think about it, two large sweaty men, in spandex, play fighting, over a spangly belt. Yeah......... not buying it...........

And as I mentioned Marilyn Manson, lets mention the other Manson, Charles, he claimed to be inspired by a Beatles song (Helter Skelter) So do you seriously think when the guys were recording The White Album Paul McCartney raised the concern, 'ummmm guys, do you worry this song could inspire a man to start a cult for an impending apocalyptic race war?'

It all comes down to extreme minority verses the majority, it wouldn't be fair to take away the certain forms of media we love because of a select few, thats just wrong. I'm sure many people reading this make music or movies, its our own legacy, something that will last forever and we will forever be remembered for, imagine being told you couldn't do that anymore.

But a final note, two to three weeks after this happened, the Mars Rover landed on Mars, it was a wonderful event celebrated the world over. We can do extraordinary things as species by moving forward, so why when something like this happens do we insist on regression?

I'm Richard, and you're awesome for reading this.

Comments (3)

I see where you are coming from but it sounds like a American issue.
I'm assuming you are American because the Media where I live, doesn't over-react as much as you say.
Whenever I do read ridiculous things on the net blaming songs and games, they tend to be from American sites or sources.

But thats just my opinion, perhaps your just in a country that is a bit backwards when it comes to the media revolution.

LazyBucks, you are completely right. American media likes to over-sensationalize things and instill drama and controversy whenever and wherever possible. We like to bicker over tripe. Because it draws attention. Which means room for people to advertise, creating $$$ creating opportunities. But rest assured, none of this censorship would actually happen, as video games/movies/television industries make far too much profit over media that includes violent and can be deemed offensive. I seriously doubt people like Jack Thompson and Fred Phelps really believe what they preach, they are just IRL trolls who now they can make profit by rustling jimmies. And the best way to get rid of trolls IRL or online is to just ignore.

Boy, I know what you mean.
Over reactors and idiots are everywhere. Do you know? Here,in Spain, the 5th of October of this year, a University student bought via mail chemical substances to make explosives. He bought through Internet mail enough to make a couple 140kg bombs (around 310 pounds).
Why? he wanted to blow up the university of Mallorca. Media said that he wanted to do it because he admired the "act" that happened in Columbine. FAKE. Searching through some Internet pages I found that what he REALLY said was (textually) "I hate society. I am tired of posh pricks who don't have to work for live, because they are filthy riches. They steal the scholarships and Erasmus. I wanted to end with them and all this phony society once and for all".
After that leaked to the media, they changed what they said. They said the boy is an "Anti-system terrorist, who had depressions" (O.o wut?). I even saw on a VERY sensationalist and VERY right-winged ideology called "13 tv" a supposed "psychologist" who said that the boy was probably a frequent user of Internet and social nets, who listened to metal music and plays violent computer games.
Seriously? the metal and violent videogames are a cliche for this false psychologist, but... Why did he said using internet and social nets is bad and a cause to kill? First, because he isn't a psychologist (¬¬"). Second, right-winged, remember?
Bro, all this media crap isn't serious. The funniest thing I heard was about the protest of the "Indignados", who circled the Congress. That TV channel and another called "Intereconomia" said many things about them. The recopilation of what they said is this (you'll lol) : This people are republican Anarchist, who are coup striking the system, and are extreme left-winged and also naughty (wha?), and also Rastafarian and supporters of punk rock.

What the fuck man??????? Imagine my face when I saw it on TV. I was like "8-O. Whaddafuq?"
Yeah... television... one of mankind's greatest inventions...

See ya'. Take a look to ma post, its also about stuff like what I told you.


PS: Thanks for reading aaaaall this :)