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Music = Fashion

Posted by RichardBatchelor - October 4th, 2012

Ok, a little experiment for you. Look towards the back of your wardrobe for an item of clothing you haven't worn for a while. Got one? Ok can you remember roughly what year you bought it?

My response, a light blue polo shirt from Topman that I got in 2007 (I think) now lets think to that year, the year was incredibly popular for guitar led indie music and bands that were huge at the time, i.e. The Kooks, The Pigeon Detectives, The Hoosiers, We Are Scientists, etc.

Now how long has it been since you've thought about any of those bands??

Music = Fashion

Regardless of whether you like those bands or not can you think of the last time you heard a song by the Kooks? Or how Emergency by The Pigeon Detectives goes? And can you remember what you were wearing in 2007 without looking at an old photograph?

Music = Fashion

Maybe you still follow these bands heavily and keep up to date with them, but the fact that 5 years ago, these guys were everywhere and now? Its barely noted if they have released a new album or are going on tour like it was 5 years ago, and this as a musician trying to be heard, kinda bothers me.

There are obviously gonna be bands and artists that have created legacies that will last forever, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, etc, etc, and loving this band or artist, will never in this context, go out of style.

But fast forward to today, and its a brutal industry, that seems to have no space for artists that aren't constantly in the spotlight or don't sell enough, see last years X factor winner Matt Cardle and several others before him, Leon Jackson anyone?

For better or worse, music is evolving all the time, I'm not crazy on the latest music trend (dubstep) but I can see why a lot of people like it and I admire the production on a lot of it. But think forward to another 5 years, is anyone going to remember who Skrillex is?

Its impossible to predict the future of music, only that CD sales will continue to fall, piracy is never going to stop and there will always be a tween popstar or group that the internet unites in its hatred of.

And again, there will be indie bands who will continue to be popular no matter what i.e. the Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys and there will always be big underground followings for other bands that just fall under the radar.

Or in fashion term, a good smart suit will always be in style, there will always be that one t-shirt from a music festival you won't stop wearing or that one guy who needs to be told he needs to actually wash that one shirt every so often.

I'm Richard, And you're awesome for reading this.