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I see where you are coming from but it sounds like a American issue.
I'm assuming you are American because the Media where I live, doesn't over-react as much as you say.
Whenever I do read ridiculous things on the net blaming songs and games, they tend to be from American sites or sources.

But thats just my opinion, perhaps your just in a country that is a bit backwards when it comes to the media revolution.

LazyBucks, you are completely right. American media likes to over-sensationalize things and instill drama and controversy whenever and wherever possible. We like to bicker over tripe. Because it draws attention. Which means room for people to advertise, creating $$$ creating opportunities. But rest assured, none of this censorship would actually happen, as video games/movies/television industries make far too much profit over media that includes violent and can be deemed offensive. I seriously doubt people like Jack Thompson and Fred Phelps really believe what they preach, they are just IRL trolls who now they can make profit by rustling jimmies. And the best way to get rid of trolls IRL or online is to just ignore.

Boy, I know what you mean.
Over reactors and idiots are everywhere. Do you know? Here,in Spain, the 5th of October of this year, a University student bought via mail chemical substances to make explosives. He bought through Internet mail enough to make a couple 140kg bombs (around 310 pounds).
Why? he wanted to blow up the university of Mallorca. Media said that he wanted to do it because he admired the "act" that happened in Columbine. FAKE. Searching through some Internet pages I found that what he REALLY said was (textually) "I hate society. I am tired of posh pricks who don't have to work for live, because they are filthy riches. They steal the scholarships and Erasmus. I wanted to end with them and all this phony society once and for all".
After that leaked to the media, they changed what they said. They said the boy is an "Anti-system terrorist, who had depressions" (O.o wut?). I even saw on a VERY sensationalist and VERY right-winged ideology called "13 tv" a supposed "psychologist" who said that the boy was probably a frequent user of Internet and social nets, who listened to metal music and plays violent computer games.
Seriously? the metal and violent videogames are a cliche for this false psychologist, but... Why did he said using internet and social nets is bad and a cause to kill? First, because he isn't a psychologist (¬¬"). Second, right-winged, remember?
Bro, all this media crap isn't serious. The funniest thing I heard was about the protest of the "Indignados", who circled the Congress. That TV channel and another called "Intereconomia" said many things about them. The recopilation of what they said is this (you'll lol) : This people are republican Anarchist, who are coup striking the system, and are extreme left-winged and also naughty (wha?), and also Rastafarian and supporters of punk rock.

What the fuck man??????? Imagine my face when I saw it on TV. I was like "8-O. Whaddafuq?"
Yeah... television... one of mankind's greatest inventions...

See ya'. Take a look to ma post, its also about stuff like what I told you.


PS: Thanks for reading aaaaall this :)