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I agree with this. When I saw it, I thought "Pfft, I can name so many films that are worth than this." Still not a good movie but plenty of other films beat it easily in terms of shittiness.

I didn't like it because of the wasted potential... mainly on Mr. Freeze. They adapted the character from Batman: The Animated Series. So when I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to play him I thought "perfect!" Think about it, Mr. Freeze is a monotone Shakespearean tragedy... Arnold could pull this off and turn in a performance worthy of a Heath Ledger Joker, and yes I stand by this statement.

However thanks to our director and writer, that certainly didn't happen. The pieces were in line, we had a great yet unusual fit for the character, awesome make-up, great design, and his costume was amazing! Shoot you want a good example why Arnold was the best choice? The end of the movie where he gives Batman the cure for this disease... what if you had the majority of the movie consisting of that?

The movie is just a waste of time really. Have their been worse movies? Absolutely, but for what it did to Batman, it took a step back and not in a good way. Joel, just screwed Batman up. I still watch it due to it being funny, not for any kind of serious tone. However if I wanted tee-hee's I would just watch the Adam West Batman TV show, not... whatever the hell this was supposed to be.

I respect your thoughts on it though, you had a good bit to say on it. Perhaps you could give us some thoughts on Batman Returns, that seems to get the shaft from time to time. Also if you were to build a Batman movie, how would you go about it?